One hand mode on an iPhone

Sometimes, you might not want to use both hands to send a text. It could be because you’re holding a coffee, a dog leash, or a wiggly toddler. No matter the reason, here’s how you can make your iPhone keyboard work with just one hand.

While many people use both hands for texting, some folks are used to texting with only one hand. However, with larger smartphones like the iPhone 12 Pro Max, texting with one hand can be quite challenging.

The good news is, you don’t have to give up a big phone for one-handed texting. Apple has a simple solution — the one-handed keyboard.

How to Enable One-Handed Keyboard Mode

  1. Open a text box, press and hold the Switch Keyboard button. Don’t just tap, make sure to keep holding it.
iPhone note view

2. Choose the keyboard that leans left or right based on the hand you’re using.

iPhone note view 2

3. Now, you can use a slightly smaller keyboard that’s more convenient for one-handed typing.

iPhone note overview 3

4. To return to the full-screen keyboard, just tap the big white arrow on the opposite side of the keyboard.

iPhone note overview 3


Enabling the one-handed keyboard mode on your iPhone offers a practical solution for users who prefer or need to type with just one hand. This feature is especially beneficial in situations where using both hands might be inconvenient, such as when holding objects. By following the simple steps outlined, users can effortlessly switch to a more compact keyboard, enhancing the ease and comfort of one-handed typing. This feature showcases Apple’s commitment to providing accessible and user-friendly options within its devices. 

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